Enteprise schema extension

Peakon supports the following attributes in the Enterprise user schema extension, as defined in the SCIM 2.0 specification:

  • employeeNumber
  • Department
  • Manager

Peakon schema extension

In addition to the basic fields covered under “Operations” section, Peakon provides a custom schema extension to allow field data for custom attributes (e.g. Manager, Date of Birth, Department etc.). The format of this extension follows the format specified in the SCIM 2.0 specification

The value type of the custom attributes depend of the type of attribute:

  • Option type attributes (e.g. Department): A string value (max 256 characters)
  • Date type attribute (e.g. Date of birth): A DateTime string (ISO 8601 format)
  • Number type attribute (e.g. Salary): An Integer value
  • Employee type attribute (e.g. Manager): A string value containing the email of the referenced employee. Since employee type attributes reference other employees in the system, the referenced employee needs to exist in the system beforehand. This could be achieved by a two-step provisioning, including only basic fields in the first step and extended fields in the second.
    Custom attributes are provided as a sub-object of the main resource fields, e.g.
   “name” : {
      “firstName”: “Jane”,
      “lastName”: “Smith”
   “urn:ietf:params:scim:schemas:extension:peakon:2.0:User”: {
      “Business Unit”: “Engineering”,
      “Department”: “IT”

To retrieve the schemas that are supported for your company, including available fields, call the Get schemas endpoint described above.