In addition to contextual routes, additional filtering is supported for many routes through the filter query parameter. If a route supports filtering it will be listed as a query parameter in the route specification below. Filters are organized by their logical model, so to filter by the question driver you prefix is by question like:

GET /v1/engagement/drivers?filter[question.driver]=autonomy

A number of operators are supported for matching fields. For example, to get scores for only the autonomy and reward drivers, you can provide the following filter:

GET /v1/engagement/drivers?filter[question.driver]=autonomy,reward$in

Supported filtering operators

For single value fields:

  • $eq
  • $ne
  • $gt
  • $gte
  • $lt
  • $lte
  • $like
  • $notLike
  • $iLike
  • $notILike

For array value fields:

  • $in
  • $notIn
  • $between
  • $notBetween
  • $contains
  • $notContains

Note that some restrictions on the operators supported may exist on a per-field basis.